GOG 2014 #27 - Welcome To Mike Ilitch's Cat Box (ANSWERS POSTED)

The Detroit Tigers, having weathered a recent assault by the Kansas City Royals, remain atop the AL Central. Everybody here knows the A's/Tigers back-story, and why these games have a certain gravity to them. This is not like playing the Marlins.

Probable Pitchers

Score Your Last GOG

THE QUESTIONS (72 points possible)


2. THE HUMAN DRAMA OF ATHLETIC COMPETITION For the sake of the A's bullpen I hope not, but do any of these Games go into Extra Innings? Are any of these Games tied through Seven Innings? Through Five? Are any of these Games scoreless through Three? (1 point each, 4 total) NO EXTRAS/YES, EVERYTHING ELSE

3. BEHOLD A GOD WHO BLEEDS! Wednesday's pitching match-up features Justin Verlander facing off against our own Jesse Chavez. This not the same Verlander that we saw in 2011. This not the same Jesse Chavez that we saw in April. Predict IP/H/ER/BB/K for each of them. (2 points each) Take an extra point for any correct IP guess that includes a fraction. (22 points total) CHAVEZ: 5/8/5/4/5 VERLANDER: 9/6/2/0/4

4. HERE ARE SOME GUYS WHO CAN HIT For the A's: Brandon Moss, Yoenis Cespedes, and Josh Donaldson. For the Tigers: Victor Martinez, Miguel Cabrera, and Ian Kinsler. From each group of three, who will have the highest Single-Game WPA? Who will have the lowest? (2 points each, 8 total) HIGH: MOSS, CABRERA/LOW: DONALDSON, KINSLER

5. BULLPEN CONNECT 4 For each team, name the Relief Pitcher who:

a) Pitches the most Innings FRANCIS/HARDY


c) Walks the most Batters GREGERSON/CHAMBERLAIN

d) Notches the most Strikeouts ABAD/HARDY (2 points per RP, 4 per category)

A tie in any category counts for points. Zeros for any category do not constitute a tie. No points for that team in that category, unless you specifically guess "zero" or "nobody". Take an extra 3 points if you correctly guess both Pitchers in at least one category. Take an extra 4 points if you correctly guess either team's pitchers in all four categories. 4 points max for this part. (23 points, if you run the table!)

6. CATCHER, OR BELLY-SCRATCHER? Man, I hope Derek Norris is OK. For each team's Starting Catchers, predict A's/Tigers/Tie for More Hits/More Extra-Base Hits/More RBI. (2 points each, 6 total) If a player starts a game at Catcher and moves to another position later in that game, he was still the Starting Catcher, dig? A'S/TIE/TIE


a) 6.5 HR, both teams combined UNDER

b) 3.5 series RBI for any individual player OVER

c) 3.5 Stolen Bases, both teams combined OVER

d) 5.5 IP for Brad Mills OVER

e) 3.5 series Errors, both teams combined UNDER

f) 0.5 Player/Manager/Coach Ejections UNDER, UNLESS I MISSED SOMETHING...

(1 point each, 6 total)

Answers due by Monday, 4:08pm PDT. Good Luck, and Let's Go A's!