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Game #77: Former A's Destroy Current A's

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Moving right along...nothing to see here.

Adam Hunger-USA TODAY Sports

Well, so much for that. The lone bright spot for the Oakland A's in tonight's game was the 1-0 lead they held in the first inning after a Brandon Moss single and a Yoenis Cespedes double. Also, Scott Kazmir picked a runner off first. Up 1-0, the A's were hopeful going into the second inning. But the Mets--the METS--scored 3 in the second and 4 in the third to knock Scott Kazmir out of the game, with seven earned runs to his credit, and they would tack on one in the fifth (Johnson) and two in the sixth (Francis) for good measure. With Chris Young hitting two of the Mets' four home runs and a pretty fantastic performance by Bartolo Colon, shutting down the A's hitters, it was a long and boring night for our heroes.

They managed only four hits off Colon tonight; Cespedes had two, Moss the one, and Crisp collected the other. Josh Reddick walked once in his return to the team. There is literally nothing else to say about the game. For some pitching analysis, I'll just quote Nico, the Birthday Boy:

I don't know if it's Kazmir, Vogt, game plan or what,

but the pitch selection has been pretty horrid tonight. How do you paint the outside corner at the knees for strike 2 to Granderson, and then not come back either with the same pitch or a fastball up? Throwing him something offspeed was just handing him an RBI in a spot where he had Granderson. And then after getting burned on the changeup to C. Young he throws one to D’Arnaud when he’s not locating it all game. And when he rears back to throw his 93-94 MPH fastball, he gets swing-throughs and late contact. Not smart.

And also, this happened, which was literally the funnest thing to happen today.

The Angels will win their game tonight, so the A's should probably recover tomorrow. We'll send Brad Mills to the mound for his second start. And...good night!

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