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Game Thread #71: A's vs. Rangers

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All your losses are belong to us!!!!
All your losses are belong to us!!!!
Tom Pennington

In the season series so far, the home team is 0-7, but tonight the A's have their secret weapon: Yu Darvish. One the very best pitchers in the American League, Darvish has been owned by the A's in his career with a mark of 1-7, 4.73 ERA. To put that in perspective, against the rest of the major leagues Darvish is 35-13.

Darvish is opposed by Tommy Milone, whom I wrote about earlier today. One batter Darvish will not be facing is Josh Donaldson, who is conspicuously absent from tonight's starting lineup. If you read AN you know i am a huge fan and supporter of Donaldson's, but his slump has reached the point where he may not actually be all that deserving of an All-Star spot.

If that sounds outlandish (not to be confused with "Oaklandish"), consider that Donaldson's season slash line is now a somewhat pedestrian .249/.334/.484 (.818 OPS) and that at 3B, while he has shown great range his 14 errors not only lead the league but are actually twice as many as the next 3B offenders (Matt Dominguez, Kyle Seager with 7 each).

How bizarre to think that the A's might finally have a position player voted in and that he might not even be having an All-Star season.

Earlier today, the A's placed lefty Drew Pomeranz on the DL with a broken right hand. If you think his hand looks bad, though, you should see the chair he punched. Evan Scribner has been recalled to take Pomeranz' spot on the roster, and Pomeranz' next start might be made by a pitcher you can apparently purchase at the 99¢ store, Brad Mills. Mills, or whoever is called up to start, does not need to be added to the roster until Pomeranz' spot comes up on June 21st, and Eric O'Flaherty has not yet been activated, so you still have a couple days to get Jeff Francis' autograph.

Notable histories vs. Darvish:

Brandon Moss: 7/20 with 4 HRs
John Jaso: 7/19 with 2 HRs
Coco Crisp: 7/19 with 1 HR and 3 BBs
Alberto Callaspo: 7/23 with 2 2B and 3 BBs

Daric Barton: 5/11 with a HR  {Hey! How'd that get in here?}

Yoenis Cespedes: 3/14 with 9 Ks

The starting lineups:

Today's Lineups

(The Other) Dan Robertson - CF Coco Crisp - CF
Elvis Andrus - SS John Jaso - C
Shin-Soo Choo - DH Yoenis Cespedes - LF
Adrian Beltre - 3B Brandon Moss - 1B
Alex Rios - RF Jed Lowrie - DH
Donnie "Babe" Murphy - 1B Stephen Vogt - RF
Chris Gimenez - C A. Callaspo - 3B
Michael (Fair) Choice - LF Nick Punto - SS
Rougned (Foul) Odor - 2B

Eric Sogard - 2B