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Fantasy Baseball: Jed Lowrie Plus Oakland A's Daily Fantasy Baseball Value Plays

AN contributor Phil Naessens answers a question about Jed Lowrie and gives us some daily fantasy baseball plays to help you win some money this week

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Stephen Dunn

We're rolling into week number 12 of the Fantasy Baseball season and there doesn't seem to be any major injuries to report except the Orioles Matt Weiters appears to be heading for Tommy John surgery. You don't see too many catchers with that one now do you? The following question came in this week about Jed Lowrie.

Dear Phil,

Jed Lowrie is off to a slow start. I've been considering either waiving him or trading him but am still on the fence about this. What should I do?

Thanks for the question.

Lowrie is an interesting dilemma. After a season that saw a slash line of .290/.344/.446/.790 Lowrie has nosedived to .231/.330/.358/.688 you begin to wonder if you made the right decision in drafting him. One thing I like to do is look at these things in a three year cycle and from 2011-2013 his slash line of .268/.330/.428/.758 during that period suggests 2013 was an aberration and not really the rule. Lot's of guys have a hot season for many reasons and sometimes we misread this, pay too much and are stuck with something we didn't expect.

With that being said Lowrie is still a very good addition to rosters in any Fantasy League. He scores runs (32) hits the occasional bomb (4), drives in runs (26) and while his current average is a bit lower than it's been in the past much of that had to do with his recent 0-21 slump that he seems to be slowly coming out of. These are all encouraging signs to see.

So, what to do with him? If you can find someone on your waiver wire that has a higher production value than Lowrie by all means acquire that shortstop. I'm sure there are several options available in most standard leagues that might be more suitable for you as Lowrie right now is ranked #20 of all Fantasy eligible shortstops. If your league has 12 teams or more I would hold on to him and either roll with your pick or possibly package him in a trade for someone more suitable.

You asked for more A's and here are a few daily fantasy options for you to consider. If you would like to play at Draft Street you can click this link here or at FanDuel by clicking this link here.

Monday: Brandon Moss is a good play against the right hander Colby Lewis as 13 of his bombs this season have come against righties. Catcher Steven Voght might be a very good value play as well.

Tuesday: The A's face the strikeout machine Yu Darvish so you may want to leave the A's alone on Tuesday.

Wednesday: Against Nick Tepesch you may want to stack as many A's in your lineup as you can as after they face Darvish they'll be fighting each other to the bat rack. Lowrie should be a really good value play on Wednesday as well.

That's as far as I will go with this today but check back on Thursday as I will add more value plays once the rotations are more "officially set"

Good luck this week!