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Athletics recall Andy Parrino, put Alberto Callaspo on paternity leave

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Parrino's Bernie Lean is 90 degrees off.
Parrino's Bernie Lean is 90 degrees off.

The Oakland Athletics have placed infielder Alberto Callaspo on the paternity list and recalled Andy Parrino from Triple-A Sacramento.

A player on paternity leave (for the birth of his child, for those who are unfamiliar with the term) must miss the next game but can't miss more than three. That means that Callaspo is out for Friday's series opener against the New York Yankees, but that he must return to the active roster by the time the A's play the Rangers on Monday. He could use a break anyway, considering that he's mired in a 1-for-28 slump in his last nine games and is batting .162 in his last 23 contests. His overall season line is down to .218/.314/.299, which is ever-so-slightly below-average for a guy who mostly serves as a designated hitter.

Parrino is ... just wonderful. He's the poor man's Adam Rosales. He's like a lost puppy at the plate against Major League pitchers, but he's got some skills on defense. He can play second, short, and third competently or better. He's also the subject of one of the classic all-time Athletics Nation memes, Parrino Face. You know which one I mean. Five AN points to whoever is the first to post that picture in the comments. Anyway, the switch-hitter's career batting line is .186/.295/.242 and he once hit a home run, according to Baseball-Reference. It says that he hit it as a Padre, though, and the general consensus is that they are a made-up team that doesn't exist. It's possible that the home run is just a tall tale, and unfortunately there's just no way to be sure. Just no way at all. Anyway, what I'm saying is that if it was a late-inning situation and Eric Sogard was on the bench, I would pinch-hit Sogard for Parrino. (Note: The 28-year-old Parrino is hitting .344 in 208 plate appearances at Sacramento this year, on the strength of a .436 BABIP.)

This will mostly not affect anything. John Jaso will likely be DH'ing in the first two games of the series anyway (and indeed, he is for the series opener), and if Callaspo isn't back for the finale then there's just more room for Blanks and Moss and Gentry to play. It's entirely possible that Parrino won't even get in a game while he's here, and if he does then it will likely be as a pinch-runner or a late-inning defensive replacement.

Welcome to our new, old friend. Parrino? ParriYES!