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Game Thread #35: Oakland Athletics vs. Seattle Mariners

The A's have dropped the first three of the series, and they turn to Drew Pomeranz to salvage the game in the second game of a doubleheader that we're pretending never happened. Massive apologies to anyone who sat through the first one; here's hoping you are rewarded in this one.

Christian Petersen

Good afternoon, and welcome to the FIRST A'S GAME TODAY, because the first game was so bad we're pretending that it did not exist. Let's play one!

Today's game will feature A's starter Drew Pomeranz as he tries to salvage this four-game series. The A's lineup will be facing off against Erasmo Ramirez. The A's are Coco-less, as expected, but TheRightDerek is starting. Let's hope this group is better than the last.

Here are your lineups:

Today's Lineups

M. Saunders - CF Craig Gentry - CF
Stefen Romero - RF Jed Lowrie - SS
Robinson Cano - DH Josh Donaldson - DH
Justin Smoak - 1B Brandon Moss - 1B
Cole Gillespie - LF Yoenis Cespedes - LF
Kyle Seager - 3B Josh Reddick - RF
W. Bloomquist - 2B Derek Norris - C
John Buck - C A. Callaspo - 3B
Brad Miller - SS Eric Sogard - 2B