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Daily Link Dump 5/6/14

Tuesday links.

Lance Iversen-USA TODAY Sports

The unbalanced schedule leads to some interesting situations. Because the Dodgers are making just one trip to DC all year, they delayed their game for over three hours last night.

Will Leitch ranks baseball plays in terms of excitement.

Geometry enthusiasts, beware! Matt Cain cut his hand when he tried to cut a sandwich into fancy triangles. I personally don't think a ham and cheese sandwich can be fancy, regardless of the shape it's cut into.

Laz Diaz acted in the most unprofessional manner an umpire possibly could during last night's game between the Yankees and Angels. He also ejected Joe Girardi for arguing a ridiculous strike call.

Anaheim's starting pitchers have had major issues when it comes to throwing first-pitch strikes.

Mike Bauman talks about the 2014 A's and their deviation from the classic Moneyball approach.

Dayn Perry's fantasy player rankings list Josh Donaldson as one of the top right-handed bats in the game.

Last night, the River Cats lost a 13-10 heartbreaker to El Paso when Evan Scribner surrendered a walk-off grand slam.

Tonight's minor league action includes Manny Correa on the mound for Stockton and the River Cats kicking off a series in Albuquerque.

On this day a year ago, the A's fell 7-3 to Cleveland, mostly thanks to a lackluster effort from Jarrod Parker.

Tonight's starting lineup includes Yoenis Cespedes in left field and Brandon Moss at first base.