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Week Six Fantasy Baseball Waiver Wire: What to do About Dan Straily?

AN Contributor Phil Naessens answers a question about Dan Straily and offers three waiver wire picks for you to consider this week

Bob DeChiara-USA TODAY Sports

It's week six of the Fantasy Baseball season and injuries to Bryce Harper and Anibal Sanchez have owners scrambling to fill the holes in their rosters. Do you really want me to spend time here at the number one Oakland A's website on the planet talking about those two? I didn't think so but if you are really interested in them you can check out my other weekly column here where I give a few options for you to consider. Today we are going to answer a question about Dan Straily.

Dear Phil,

I was high on Oakland A's starter Dan Straily and drafted him but he hasn't lived up to my expectations or what I paid for him. What should I do about him?

Tough question but I think an easy answer.

The simple answer is you do nothing. His strikeout to walks ratio of 31:11 is fairly decent and an indication of better things to come. Like most pitchers his troubles begin when he's leaving the ball too high in the strike zone like he did against Boston on Friday night. He also threw 82 pitches in 4.1 innings of work. That doesn't make his or your life any easier.

Go back to the 10th of April against Minnesota. He got his only win that night and he was the Straily you and everyone else hoped for. It was the only time this season he had more ground ball outs than fly ball outs and coincidentally his only win of the season. I think you will see more of that as opposed to the other outings in the not so distant future. Bench him if you must but don't get rid of him just yet.

Here are some waiver wire options for you all to consider this week.

Carlos Ruiz C Phillies: Ruiz was on fire last week and was named NL Player of the Week. He's batting nearly .300 and his slash line of .299/.419/.468/.887 is nothing to sneeze at. He's 40% available and a good bet this week. (Stats)

Alcides Escobar SS Royals: The guy is as durable as they come and his line of .277/.333/.394/.727 isn't too bad. He'll also steal a few bases for you as well. (Stats)

Adam Dunn 1B White Sox: Usually I wouldn't recommend him but his line of .268/.402/.500/.902 is actually worthy of consideration this week. Plus if you need home runs Dunn is your guy. (Stats)

On this weeks edition of Fantasy Baseball Weekly Viva El Birdos Managing Editor Eric Johnson joins Phil offer several replacement options for injured stars including Mark Trumbo, Bryce Harper, Anibal Sanchez and others. You can listen below or download the show here.

Good luck this week Fantasy Baseball Owner!