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Athletics hits of the month - April

Vote for the best hit by the Oakland Athletics in April.

Troy Taormina-USA TODAY Sports

With April in our rear view mirror let's take a minute to look back at some of the best hits so far. I will try to get around to doing this every month, so if you have a nomination for next month send it over at

Nomination #1 - Coco Crisp. The first walk off hit for the A's came from Coco Crisp in the bottom of the 12th against the Mariners.

 photo CocoGif_zps70bb56d8.gif

The hit was so good that I can't really do it justice. I will let Ray Fosse do the honors.

Nomination # 2 - Derek Norris. After the bullpen let the game slip into extra innings, Norris decided to take matters into his own hands and destroy this pitch for a three-run home run. It did set off a lot of hope that Norris could in fact hit RHP. I do think that if RHP sends 87 mph pitches right down the middle, he will be fine. Big hit in a big situation.

 photo NorrisGif_zps323b28a8.gif

Nomination # 3 - Josh Reddick. A couple days after I posted this article showing Reddick has the most success against pitches in 80's, with two strikes Chad Qualls hung a 84 mph slider that Reddick jumped on for a game winner.  No matter which side you take on the Reddick flame-war, it was great to see him come through in a big moment and get the pie.

 photo ReddickGif_zps4e1387dd.gif

Nomination # 4 - John Jaso. The other half of the backstop platoon came up big against the Angels in the top of the ninth down by a run. The two-run home run on a 95 mph fastball gave the A's the lead. Unfortunately that is one of three extra base hits for Jaso, but that doesn't take away from the impact the home run had. Clutch pinch hit home run.

 photo JasoGif_zps3ee1567a.gif

Nomination #5 - Josh Donaldson. I guess the game had already gotten away, but I am not sure about the strategy of plunking the hitter before the guy who has .386 wOBA since the beginning of last year. In case Bo Porter missed it, Josh Donaldson can hit. And hit he did. Donaldson crushed this pitch 448 ft. for the longest home run for Oakland this year by a good margin.

 photo DonaldsonGif_zpse24ddb9f.gif

Honorable mentions: Josh Reddick breaking out of a slump against the Astros, Alberto Callaspo hitting the first home run of the year, Josh Donaldson's ridiculous homer to right-center in Minnesota.