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Game #42: Athletics open road trip with 11-1 victory

This game was over by the second inning, so today's recap will be presented as a series of limericks.

Jason Miller

There once was a team called the A's.
Who made lots of exciting plays.
Hitting balls into space,
And each pitcher an ace,
They'd win every two of three days.

They started a pitcher named Sonny.
Whose arm was so good it's not funny.
His fastball had life,
His curve cut like a knife,
And as usual he was just money.

The Tribe had a bro named Nick Swish.
Who's good from both sides of the dish.
A homer he poked,
Which made him quite stoked,
And fulfilled every Indians fan's wish.

But then there's the pitcher Zach Mack
Who tried to keep Cleveland on track.
He struck out the side,
Then had nowhere to hide,
And succumbed to Oakland's attack.

The A's went to work in frame two.
With a rally that just grew and grew.
A double by Moss,
Then his run pushed across,
With singles by Yo and Jed, woo!

Then Josh Reddick worsened the jam.
Without help from the singer from Wham!
Not a care nor regard,
With a whisper, went yard,
He clubbed this year's first A's grand slam.

But Oakland's big bats were not done.
For getting out's simply not fun.
Two walks upped the gain,
Donaldson made it rain,
And the A's led the game eight to one.

Poor Zach Mack was sent to the showers.
His outing had quickly turned sour.
Then Crockett and Lee,
And Outman made three,
Sapped all but Jed Lowrie of power.

Jed's home run had padded the lead.
Though really there had been no need.
Then to further the score,
Reddick homered once more,
Now 11 to one, mercy, I plead!

The Indians couldn't hit Gray.
And though his control seemed to sway.
Most balls found A's mitts,
Just three walks and two hits,
Plus a personal best with nine K's.

The mop-up crew finished the game.
Rodriguez and Johnson, three frames.
No late-inning heroes,
Just a long string of zeroes,
Then songs from an amply sized dame.

Some other things warrant a mention
So please don't divide your attention.
Some more of our boys,
Made noteworthy noise,
And one just defies comprehension.

We got our first look at the new guy.
At six-foot-six Blanks is no small fry.
His swing packs some heft,
And he singled to left,
And at first base his fielding looked spry.

Plus Norris showed more of his skills.
The tools of the day were his wheels.
Two infield hits,
Gave defenders the fits,
Now six on the season, for reals.

By ERA, Sonny ranks third.
Reddick's six ribbies were absurd.
And Donaldson just rakes,
Fourth in bombs, fifth in steaks,
Plus Coco returned to the herd.

Now somewhere folks' hearts still seem whole.
The people feel light in their soul.
But I'll tell you, boy,
Today there's no joy,
In the City of Rock N Roll.

Tomorrow's game kicks off at four.
With BBG writing the lore.
Scott Kazmir will start,
And he'll give all his heart,
While Josh Tomlin will try to give more.