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Daily Link Dump 5/12/14

Links before a three-game set with the White Sox.

Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

Ron Washington called for a ridiculous intentional walk during the first inning of the Rangers game yesterday.

Which players swing at the most and least first pitches? The lists are largely devoid of current A's, but more than a few former players are in the mix.

Great bat flip action in the Korean League on Friday.

According to NERD scores, tonight's A's game is one of the less exciting games on the slate.

Mitch Williams was involved in a wild confrontation with an umpire during his 10-year-old son's game.

The A's had plans to help an Oakland Little League, but the bureaucratic process screwed things up royally.

Tonight's minor league action includes Marcus Walden pitching for Sacramento.

On this day a year ago, the A's lost a 6-1 snoozefest in Seattle.

Tonight's starting lineup is identical to yesterday's.