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Week Seven Fantasy Baseball Waiver Wire: The Eric Sogard Edition

AN Contributor Phil Naessens answers a question about the A's Eric Sogard and suggests three 2B options from the waiver wire for this week.

Thearon W. Henderson

We’re heading into week number seven of the Fantasy Baseball season and injuries to the Reds Jay Bruce and the Rockies Wilin Rosario have owners scrambling to fill in the holes left by these two sluggers. Do you really care about these two today? If you do you can listen to my weekly Fantasy Baseball Show where Viva El Birdos Eric Johnson and I deal extensively with this and much more. The info for all that is at the bottom of this page.

That was shameless, huh?

The following question came in from an excited Eric Sogard fan.

Dear Phil,

I became familiar with Eric Sogard during the Face of MLB campaign and have been looking for more information about him. I’ve even written to a few baseball sites and they only laughed at the mere suggestion of his name. Why is that?

I surely won’t laugh at the mention of Eric Sogard. We LOVE him here at Athletics Nation and you should spend more time here than those other fugazi sites you’ve been hanging around. I’m also happy that a silly public relations campaign has you interested in Sogard and I hope that leads to a greater interest in the A’s as a whole. They have an awesome team this season.

From a Fantasy Baseball perspective Sogard doesn’t really offer all that much. He’s really struggling right now and I feel at some point either Nick Punto or Alberto Callespo will wind up replacing him in the lineup. As much as we love Sogard around here there really are much better 2B options right now than him.

If you play daily Fantasy Baseball games you might want to plug him in if the A’s have a day game at home against right-handers. Currently that’s when he’s been most productive and you will be able to obtain him real cheap AND you’ll probably be the only one in your particular game to do so! Outside of that Sogard won’t provide you very much. At least Fantasy wise he won’t. (Stats)

Here are a few 2B options you might want to consider this week.

Jedd Gyorko 2B: Gyorko came out of a season long slump on Friday and if this is an indication of things to come he won’t be available much longer. This is one of those high risk high reward type of deals but if it pays off you will be a very happy camper this season. (Stats)

Scooter Gennett 2B Brewers: Gennett has been one of the top 2B options in Fantasy Baseball thus far this season yet only 5.4% owned. He’ll hit the occasional bomb for you and his average of .284 sure won’t hurt you. He is a good guy to plug in there to replace an injured player and luckily for us he’ll be widely available all season long. (Stats)

Brian Roberts 2B Yankees: Roberts is another one who is widely available and most likely will be for the remainder of the season. Most nights Roberts will score for you straight across the board including the occasional bomb here and there. He’s no longer the hitter he once was but he’ll be a good stopgap for a week or two that’s for sure. (Stats)

On this weeks edition of Fantasy Baseball Weekly Viva El Birdos Managing Editor Eric Johnson joins Phil offer several replacement options for injured stars including Wilin Rosario, Jason Kipnis, Hyun Jin Ryu, closers on the hot seat and much more Fantasy Baseball talk. You can listen below or download the program from the site located here.

Good luck this week and if you have any questions or something you would like to see either here or on the show please feel free to email me at or leave a comment below.