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Fantasy Baseball Week 2: The Scott Kazmir Edition Plus Waiver Wire and Sleeper Options

Guest Fantasy Baseball columnist Phil Naessens of the Phil Naessens Show answers a listener's question about Scott Kazmir and gives us some waiver wire and sleepers options

Gary A. Vasquez-USA TODAY Sports

It's week number 2 of the Fantasy Baseball season and while I should be talking about all of the injuries around the Majors and what you should do about them, I thought instead I would answer the following question instead.

Dear Phil,

Scott Kazmir pitched brilliantly the other night. Why is Kazmir only owned in 25% of ESPN Leagues and what benefit would he be in a Roto or even a standard 5x5 League ?

Because people are stupid that's why. Okay, maybe not stupid but highly skeptical and with good reason. Please remember that Kazmir is just two seasons removed from playing for the Sugarland Skeeters and you can understand the concern.

Kazmir is one of those "low risk high reward" type of player in that he won't cost you much if anything at all and has the capability of making Fantasy Owners very happy campers. He also has the capability of making us unhappy campers as well.

I also believe people forget that prior to 2013 Kazmir was a fastball/curveball type pitcher and last season threw his curveball less and his changeup more often. I think this had a lot to do with his lowered ERA and what we witnessed this past week.

So where would he be most useful? Right now he won't hurt you in any league or format as he's been perfect thus far. If I were using him in a Roto league I would keep an eye on his ERA, strikeouts and WHIP. If he has a rough couple of starts this could be a problem so watch him closely there.

In a standard league where every week begins at zero Kazmir won't hurt you too much if he has a bad outing or two and will be a decent source of strikeouts for your team. He has two scheduled starts next week (Monday, Sunday) so snap him up before he won't be around any longer.

If you aren't interested in Kazmir this week here are a couple more starting pitching options for you to ponder.

Mark Buehrle SP Blue Jays: Buehrle  looked like the Buehrle of old this past week throwing 8.2 innings of shutout baseball while striking out 11 against Tampa Bay. He has two starts next week (Astros, Orioles) so he might be worth a look this coming week. (Stats)

Tim Hudson SP Giants: Hudson threw a beauty to open his season and it looks like he's put that that horrific injury last season in his rearview mirror as he looked like the Hudson of old against the Diamondbacks. He has two more home starts next week (Diamondbacks, Rockies) and he might be worth a look this week as well. (Stats)

James Paxton SP Seattle: Paxton was awesome this week giving up just two hits against the Angels while striking out nine. The bad thing about Paxton this week is that he only has one schedules start on Tuesday against the Angels. Can lightening strike twice? (Stats)

Athletic's Sleeper of the Week

Drew Pomeranz RP: He'll only be helpful in your deepest leagues or American League only leagues but if this kid ever gets the chance to start he's going to really be amazing!!

That's all I have for you! Good luck this week!!