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Daily Link Dump 4/29/14

Tuesday links before lefties square off in Arlington.

Rick Yeatts

Aaron Gleeman analyzes the A's dominance of Yu Darvish.

Nicholas Minnix updated his catcher rankings, and he believes Derek Norris is on the upswing.

Dave Studeman breaks down lessons learned from WPA. It's definitely worth checking out.

In non-baseball news, Donald Sterling has been given a lifelong suspension from the NBA. He is being forced to sell the Clippers.

This play from Korea ... it's tough to describe. You've got to see it for yourself.

Some clever marketing is taking place in the California League.

Tonight's minor league action includes Andrew Werner on the mound for Midland.

On this day a year ago, the A's trailed Anaheim 7-2 entering the 8th inning, but as we know, anything is possible with the Anaheim bullpen...

Tonight's starting lineup includes Yoenis Cespedes at DH, Craig Gentry in left field and Alberto Callaspo at first base.