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Daily Link Dump 4/28/14

Links before the A's kick off a three-game set at Texas.

Bob Levey

The Nationals have announced that Bryce Harper will miss at least the next two months, which includes the Nationals' trip to Oakland.

Awful Announcing ranked local MLB announcers, with Hawk Harrelson and his crew taking the spot as worst of the worst. I generally agree with the rankings. The A's broadcast team ranks sixth in the league. I don't agree with the top spot in the rankings, and I believe many of my fellow ANers will be in agreement with me.

Jeff Sullivan looks at players who swing at pitches out of the zone, and a couple of A's are included in his data.

Thanks to AN user PHUT! for tweeting out this gem. Happy 20th birthday to Regulate! Hopefully Josh Donaldson celebrates appropriately tonight.

It has nothing to do with baseball, but check out Spencer Hall's tremendous longform article on the Istanbul Derby. I found it absolutely riveting.

The good folks at Cespedes Family Barbecue ranked the pitchers of Backyard Baseball. Note that the images feature kids pitching for the A's.

Scott Lindholm looks at the importance of early-season games.

CBS's Matt Synder considers tonight's game to be one of the best matchups of the day.

Susan Slusser's Drumbeat brings lots of good news, including Brandon Moss covering Merle Haggard.

Tonight's minor league games include Zach Neal on the mound for the River Cats.

On this day a year ago, the A's looked headed for the wrong end of a four-game sweep, but managed to pull out a thrilling 9-8 win in 10 innings. Believe it or not, the following day's game was even better.

Tonight's starting lineup includes a barrage of left-handed bats.