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AN Day, June 8, Is Calling You!

In less than a week, half of the available seats for the first annual Athletics Nation Day in Stockton have been reserved. Act now, or you might have to wait until next season!

Ryan Doolittle already misses this bullpen! Don't you miss out!
Ryan Doolittle already misses this bullpen! Don't you miss out!
Dave Nelson

My last story about the upcoming Athletics Nation Day in Stockton ("The Greatest Party Ever!") may have been too subtle so I'd like to review the benefits of reserving tickets (NOW!) for the Ports game on Sunday, June 8.

First, for one glorious afternoon, you will NOT have to worry about the Oakland Athletics' bullpen. Why? Because they won't be pitching in Stockton! Even better, Daric Barton won't be at bat in Stockton, the whole day! So, you can rest your mind, let go of your anxiety, and enjoy a truly special outing in the mild, Sunday sunshine.

Second, you'll be able to meet, and actually converse with, the AN Front Page writers who give your life meaning and purpose. Blogfather Nico and Alex Hall, our editorial Trail Boss, will be there. Not only will Jerry "EBHI" Brewer be at the event, he will be presenting an exclusive hitting demonstration in left field just prior to the game. Also stopping by will be the future magistrate, Jeremy Koo, and Scott "OmahaHi" Parker. Mighty Casey "Guessatomo" Hellman will be making the trek to Stockton, too. Even I will be there because the home has promised me a weekend pass.

RESERVE YOUR SEATS TODAY by sending Jerry "EBHI" Brewer an email at

Third, following the game, you can attend a special Athletics Nation reception with Ports manager and former Oakland Athletic, Ryan Christenson. He will be bringing several Ports players with him for a veritable photo/autograph feast. I hesitate to mention which players specifically because, in my last story, I referred to Sean Doolittle's brother, Ryan. Ten minutes after I posted the story, Ryan was promoted to Double-A Midland. Power is truly an aphrodisiac!

Fourth, you get to watch the Stockton Ports play baseball. This is a squad that features top A's prospects Billy McKinney, Daniel Robertson, Renato Nunez, Matt Olson, and Nolan Sanburn.

Fifth, you don't have to pack a lunch because the price of admission includes a BBQ meal. (At the Oakland Coliseum's West Side Club, any menu item labeled as "BBQ" will cost you the equivalent of one year's college tuition.) And you won't have to pay separately for parking, either. At the Oakland Coliseum, parking costs more than the BBQ!

So, there you are, folks. You are flat out of reasons not to participate.

RESERVE YOUR SEATS TODAY by sending Jerry "EBHI" Brewer an email at He will guide you from there. You can pay by check or PayPal. Once you reserve your seats you have one week to pay. ALL RESERVATIONS AND PURCHASES MUST BE MADE IN ADVANCE. There will be no sales at the Ballpark on June 8.

(Incidentally, we will be coordinating carpools to Stockton from the Bay Area. If you need a ride, or can provide a ride for someone, let us know.)

Also understand there can be no refunds or exchanges. Once you buy the ticket you are committed, rain or shine. Jerry and I are just two volunteers, arranging and administering AN Day in Stockton for your entertainment. We are paying for our own tickets and we have no way of refunding yours. So check your calendar carefully. Below is a summary of the event information.

Athletics Nation Day in Stockton


Banner Island Ballpark, 404 W. Fremont Street, Stockton, CA 95203

Main Phone: (209) 644 -1900


Sunday, June 8, 2014  Game time: 2:09pm

Stockton Ports (Oakland Athletics High Single-A affiliate) vs. High Desert Mavericks (Seattle Mariners High Single-A affiliate)


Adults: $30 per person

Includes game admission, BBQ lunch (Tri-tip, sides, & soda), parking, and associated events. Beer and wine not included but alcohol is very reasonably priced (around $6).

Kids (14 and under): $20 per person (Instead of Tri-tip, the kids get hot dogs.)

Schedule of Festivities

10:00am Box Office opens. (Tickets and name passes available at the ballpark Will Call window.)

1:05pm:  Gates open

1:05-2:35pm BBQ Lunch on Pit Stop BBQ Terrace, 1st level (right behind the Ports bullpen beyond left field)

1:35-1:50pm Hitting Seminar in Left Field by Jerry "EBHI" Brewer. (The Ports are making a special allowance for Athletics Nation by permitting our group to go on the field for Jerry's demonstration. But we have to make it snappy!)

2:09pm Game Starts. (AN Day participants have the option of returning to the BBQ Terrace to view the game or strolling to seats in Section 117 down the 1st base side next to the Ports dugout.)

4:00pm (est.) Seventh-inning stretch Group Reading of "Casey at the Bat" on the BBQ Terrace. (Banner Island was where Ernest Thayer witnessed the game that became the basis for his legendary poem.)

5:00pm (est.) Game ends.

5:10pm Post-Game Reception with Manager Ryan Christenson and several (unidentified, as yet) Ports players in the Premier Staffing Club. Again, this is special accommodation for Athletics Nation. The Club (it's a terrace, really) is normally only available for season ticket holders. Ryan Christenson has already committed to attending and he will bring three players. He cannot specify which players right now because of roster uncertainties. Photos and autographs will be allowed.)

5:30pm We are done!

RESERVE YOUR SEATS TODAY by sending Jerry "EBHI" Brewer an email at You can pay by check or PayPal.