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Ring around the fringe-level middle infielder

Christian Petersen

The A's and Rangers are a lot of things to one another — rivals; strategic antitheses; the team that keeps claiming each other's fringe-level middle infielders and then designating them for assignment a few days later so their original club can claim them right back.

With that, it's time to welcome a former Athletic — and former Texas Ranger — back into the fold.

Parrino will occupy the 40th spot on Oakland's 40-man roster, which is too bad — when Eric O'Flaherty comes back from the disabled list at some point in the next month, a DFA is probably in Parrino's future.

It's Adam Rosales all over again! The move is very reminiscent of the rather cruel ping-pong game the Rangers and A's played with Rosales last year. Oakland first designated him for assignment on June 8, optioned him outright to Sacramento on June 12, called him back to Oakland on June 24, then designated him for assignment on July 31. The Rangers claimed him on August 2 and DFA'd him three days later. Naturally, the A's claimed him on August 8, and DFA'd him on August 10. Then what? The Rangers claimed him, of course. They designated him for assignment on March 30.

Parrino appeared in 108 games for Sacramento last season, and also made 14 appearances at the big-league level with Oakland. He started this year in AAA for the Rangers, where he's posted a slash line of .189/.271/.245 in 59 plate appearances. The most interesting question at this point is whether the Rangers will take him back when he and the A's inevitably part ways in a few weeks or months.

Perhaps most importantly, one of the best memes to ever enter the AN community can now take on a more prominent role. Props to the first commenter who posts the Parrino pic I'm thinking of.

If nothing else, I look forward to seeing Michael Choice playing in Sacramento at some point this summer.