No more Warren G for Josh Donaldson

I make this call to those of you with a stronger social presence than I have; those of you that may even be followed by the bringer of rain, and perhaps have a chance of catching his attention.

I went to my first game of the year today, and the only low-light was listening to Warren G and Nate Dog regulating when Donaldson came to the plate. This song is no good for the Oakland has its own hip hop traditions, and Bay vs. LA antagonism is real. There’s no reason to have to listen to some Long Beach drivel while trying to enjoy an Oakland afternoon. If JD wants some old school rap, there are so many local options that would do the trick: Luniz "Five on it"; anything by Too Short; Humpty Hump; 93 till infinity; the list goes on . And if he has a special need for LA gansta rap, then he should at least go with a classic that has traction here, like something by Ice Cube, or Snoop and Dre. But Regulate? It’s an explicitly So-Cal (Long Beach!) song about a soft punk getting punked and calling for back-up to commit a drive-by. There’s really nothing inspiring about this song, unless you’re inspired by soft beats and LA violence.

Please, any of you with any influence, help convince Donaldson that he needs a new jam. No Warren G at the Coliseum. There are so many better choices.