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Game Thread #10: Oakland Athletics at Seattle Mariners (3)

The A's are playing the sloppiest baseball I've ever seen from them, and possibly any other team; think 2013 Astros. I think they have 2 official errors, but they should have 5, and I'm not kidding. Tommy Milone has pitched much, MUCH better than the game score would suggest; he's struck out SEVEN, even as the A's batters are striking out left and right against Felix Hernandez. Reddick should be glad he's sitting this one out; Barton and Fuld are currently in a contest to see who can impress the team the least in today's game. The A's should probably figure out a way to get to Felix to score multiple runs, or it's going to be a very quick finish. We go to the 6th inning, 3-0 Mariners.