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Athletics Nation Writing Auditions

There are a couple spots available for interested writers to try their hand at the front page. Read on for more!

They may offer free rent here
They may offer free rent here
Kevin Liles-USA TODAY Sports

As we do nearly every season, Athletics Nation will hold an audition for a few front page writing spots.  The community can help judge which authors have the mettle to stick there.  We've had great success with this in the past: David Nelson, Sam Yamshon, and others have started out like this.

Here are some basic requirements:

  • Be able to commit to a weekly article, at least
  • Be able to commit for six months, at least
  • All articles should be a minimum of 700 words for the audition
  • Your audition article may be on any topic.  That said, do look back at recent articles and make sure you aren't covering a tired subject.
  • The final decisions on the winners will ultimately be made by the front page crew
  • This is an unpaid gig.  You are doing this because you love the A's.

Please email me directly (email address in my profile) to sign up for spots.  The first spot up for grabs will be Thursday and then we'll go from there.