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Daily Link Dump 3/31/14

Happy Opening Day!

Lance Iversen-USA TODAY Sports

The A's have acquired pitcher Eric Berger from the Astros for a player to be named later. If things shake out just right, we could have Cook, Savery and Berger in the same bullpen.

SB Nation's own Rodger Sherman brings us an article on Saturday's plumbing adventures.

The readers of Fangraphs expect a very tight race for the AL West crown.

Mike Petriello suggests there is reason for optimism in Orange County.

Joe Blanton is back in the A's organization, having agreed to a minor-league deal. Last year, he drew the ire of many fans in Anaheim, leading to the creation of this masterpiece.

Dave Cameron makes five predictions about the 2014 season, none of which directly pertain to the Green and Gold.

Yesterday marked five years since the birth of Bud Selig's committee.

Today's starting lineup looks exactly as I expected it would. Brandon Moss is the DH. Daric Barton plays first base and bats eighth.