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A's 25-Man Roster Takes Shape

"I made it!!!!! (For now.)"
"I made it!!!!! (For now.)"
Christian Petersen

As Joe Stiglich and others tweet, the A's have made a flurry of moves to solidify the 25-man roster for Monday's season opener (weather permitting).

Michael Taylor's DFA comes as no surprise, as the only thing that was going to prevent it was a pre-DFA trade. Probably the closest thing to a surprise, or at least a "talking point," is the A's decision to open the season with lefty Drew Pomeranz in the bullpen over fellow lefty Joe Savery.

The decision is probably a minor one as that roster spot figures to be taken by Ryan Cook as early as next Saturday, when he and Craig Gentry are eligible, and expected, to come off the D.L. So for Pomeranz this is likely a 5-game cup of coffee, one he can share with Sam Fuld before they carpool together to Sacramento.

My hope is that Pomeranz will not only be back in AAA sooner rather than later, but more importantly that when he is he will be stretched out as a starting pitcher. I'm fine with him being in the bullpen for a week but I'm not fine with him being in the bullpen long-term.

If you're keeping score, the Opening Day roster looks like:

Norris, Jaso, Moss, Barton, Callaspo, Sogard, Lowrie, Punto, Donaldson
Cespedes, Crisp, Reddick, Fuld
Gray, Kazmir, Chavez, Straily, Milone
Johnson, Gregerson, Doolittle, Otero, Abad, Pomeranz, Scribner

D.L. until Saturday: Cook, Gentry

Let's hope it's sunny and Sonny on Monday!