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Final Game At Phoenix Muni: A's vs. Angels

Join us as we say goodbye to the home of the A's Spring Training, Phoenix Municipal Stadium with one final game; A's vs. Angels.

Gary A. Vasquez-USA TODAY Sports

You almost got me, MLB. I almost typed in "Pitching for the A's today: Murphy Smith" because that's been the test of A's bloggers this week; who is going to fall for something called "Murphy Smith, pitcher". I'm told he is an actual pitcher, and who is more famous than he has any right to be thanks to the interwebs, but alas, he will not be starting today, we get some guy named Sonny Gray instead. (checks notes on Opening Day starter) Aw...crap.

Sonny Gray will get the start against the rival Angels, since there are no Angels' starters in the lineup today. I mean, Collin "They're not boo-ing, they're moo-ing" Cowgill is batting second. The A's will start my boy Billy Burns leading off in their "B" lineup, and we'll also see Stephen Vogt, in a last-ditch effort to convince the A's that batting is better than first base defense.

Here are your lineups, courtesy of BaseballPress.