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Spring Training Open Thread: A's at Indians

The Oakland Athletics will throw one of their only remaining pitchers (I kid, I kid), Dan Straily, today in yet another Spring Training game, as we march ever closer to the end of the month, and the beginning of baseball season. It's been a rough Spring for our fearless heroes; they are already down 2 pitchers, and in these uncertain times, with the threats of Texas and Anaheim hot on their heels, the A's must band together and become more than just their individual talent. Oh, wait. They're good at that.

Rick Scuteri-USA TODAY Sports

Hey, guess what?! Today's game is the last Spring Training game I won't see live! I'm traveling to Phoenix Friday morning to see the A's take on the Giants in what will be a night-game extravaganza; tickets selling for football-game prices, sold out many times over, with everyone hyped about a real, live, night baseball game between the Bay Area rivals. I'll see the A's play the rest of the weekend, so expect a full, detailed report from our observations (read: Nico's analysis) with pictures (those will be mine)!

Today's game will feature Daric Barton at first base, Vogt as the catcher, as both continue to battle for roster sports, and we'll see Jake Elmore hold down the shortstop job today. We're still worried about Cespedes; he'll be showcased in the 5th spot in today's lineup.

Are you ready for some baseball?! 11 days until Opening Day!

Here are your lineups:

The game will begin at 1:05.