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Athletics Nation Game Thread Auditions

Want to cover games for Athletics Nation? Here's your chance to try out during spring training, just like the players do!

Note: Participating in this audition will NOT give you the ability to grow luscious locks like Griffin's. You're on your own there.
Note: Participating in this audition will NOT give you the ability to grow luscious locks like Griffin's. You're on your own there.
Lance Iversen-USA TODAY Sports

Athletics Nation thrives on the efforts of the community. When a spot opens up on the roster, we don't go out and sign a high-profile free agent writer, because we are a small-budget team. Instead, we promote from within, just like the A's do.

The front page crew keeps a Game Thread schedule, and right now there is a big hole on Saturdays. Therefore, we are in need of a new contributor to host the Saturday Game Threads and write the post-game recaps. Two years ago, Nico put out a call for a new Game Threader, and that's how I joined the team. Last year, we picked up Lev Facher as a result of our spring training auditions. Both of us have expanded our roles on the site since joining up as Game Threaders. If you've ever wanted to write about the A's, this is your chance; the platform already exists and the audience is already here, so you won't get a more gift-wrapped opportunity than this.

So, without further ado, here is how this will work. Last year, I chose a few select games and had multiple writers prepare competing recaps. This year, I'm opening it up a bit more. I'm posting the remaining schedule below, and anyone who is interested can claim a game in the comments section. To start out, we'll keep it to one person per game, but that rule may be bent depending on demand.

When you choose your game, your job will be to do the following:

- Post the Preview/Game Thread half an hour before game time.

- Post overflow Game Threads if the original thread exceeds ~500 posts (unlikely during ST)

- Post a recap of the game, structured however you wish, within an hour or so after the game.

At the end of the spring, we will determine who (if anyone) to add to the staff based largely on community feedback, but the final decision will be made by the front page crew.

Schedule of games to choose from. Games are at 1:05 p.m. unless otherwise noted. Games that have been claimed are denoted by the screen names of the individuals who claimed them:

Wed 3/12 vs. Kansas City
Thu 3/13 vs. Colorado (7:05 p.m.) (JJ209) (recap)
Fri 3/14 vs. Kansas City
Sat 3/15 vs. Texas (jfkoo)
Sat 3/15 vs. San Francisco (3:05 p.m.) (jfkoo) (recap)
Sun 3/16 vs. Cincinnati (ZeroIndulgence)
Mon 3/17 vs. Cubs
Tue 3/18 vs. White Sox (travdog6) (recap)
Wed 3/19 vs. Cleveland (Bartonement) (recap) (*recap is from 3/27 vs Giants)
Fri 3/21 vs. San Francisco (6:35 p.m.) (bta47) (recap)
Sat 3/22 vs. Seattle (tc.athletics.91) (recap)
Sun 3/23 vs. Cubs
Sun 3/23 vs. Seattle
Mon 3/24 vs. Texas
Tue 3/25 vs. Cincinnati
Wed 3/26 vs. Angels (noon)

(The three Bay Bridge games at the end of March will be used for final auditions or other tune-up purposes.)

As with Alan's front page auditions, this position is on a volunteer basis. Your motivation should be the pure enjoyment of following your team and the fun of having a voice about issues you care about. The entrepreneurial among us have used this kind of thing as an unofficial "unpaid internship" and parlayed it into paying gigs in the media industry, but that part is up to you.

So, without further ado, sign up for the game you'd like to cover in the comments! Even if you don't want to audition for a permanent spot but always wanted to run a Game Thread one time just for fun, that's fine too. The whole point of all of this is to have fun, so let's have some fun with it. Happy Threading!