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So, Where Are YOU Seeing The A's in 2014?

It's that time again! The time where we look at the A's 2014 schedule, decide what cities are either the coolest, the most convenient, or the best places to meet your front page writers (or avoid, as it were), and book some trips!

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Hello, and welcome to another new month! Pitchers and catchers actually report THIS MONTH, so baseball is not far away (in fact, it starts NEXT MONTH!) I know I say this every year (and I do!), but if you still haven't yet been to Spring Training, you are missing out. Even more so this year, because this is the very last March in Phoenix Municipal Stadium for your Oakland Athletics; they will be moving next season. There is something magical about Spring Training, especially for those of you not from California and Arizona; you know, states with actual weather. The temperatures run right around 80-90 degrees; the sun promising all of the magic the summer will bring, just a preview of sun, and summer, and baseball. The stadium is wildly scaled down, so it feels like a party with just you, your friends, and the players on the field; autographs are plenty, there are as many bars as people in Phoenix and Scottsdale, and everyone is in a hopeful, promising mood, as every baseball team still has a chance to win the Series. If you are thinking of attending, but have questions, post them in this thread, and I promise they will be answered by seasoned veterans. I've been attending for about 12 years now, and I still wonder why I didn't go earlier. Also, I've never missed a season since my first, because it's just too fun. And the stories I could tell you...

Meanwhile, if you're into the regular season, what trips are you planning? I imagine we'll see a full house on the A's home opener, which is March 31st this year, kicking off a 7-games-in-a-row homestand, and 8 games in a row overall; which will be magic for baseball-starved fans. In fact, the A's have just one day off, and play another eight games in a row. Anyone interested in Fenway Park should look at the first weekend in May, and anyone planning Memorial Day getaways should look at the A's long homestand at the end of the month. A popular choice is a summer trip to Miami; the A's take on the Marlins in their new stadium the last weekend in June.

The 85th All Star game will be held at Target Field in Minnesota this year, so if you want to see all of the A's All-Stars (ha!), be sure to book your trip now. The end of July would be a perfect time to bake in Texas, as the A's/Rangers face off in an all-important series between the powerhouses of the AL West. The A's are home for the first two weeks in August for your viewing pleasure, and let's not forget the visit to Southern California in the end of August, as the A's/Angels face off for four, while you go to Disneyland. I am throwing a SoCal AN day during one of those games (likely Saturday), so if you are in the Los Angeles area, or will be in August, let me know!

September seems the perfect choice to visit Seattle for a weekend, or if you don't like Texas in the summer, you can close out the season with a four-game series against the Rangers in Arlington. It could be all-important.

So I want to know; where will you be? Where would you like to be? And how can we help you get there?

**Side note from baseballgirl: If you have any interest in a daily Olympics thread, starting Friday, let me know in this thread, too! Because there is nothing like watching the Opening Ceremonies with your friends, especially when they are funny and irreverent.