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Open Thread: Spring Training Game 1 - A's at Giants

For those of you still shaking off the winter blues, staring out the window and waiting for Spring, do I have some great new for you! Baseball is BACK! The A's take on the Giants today in the first game of 2014 at 12:00 noon (Pacific Time). What's that, you say? It's only Spring Training? I can guarantee you no one cares. It's BASEBALL! It's BACK!

Thearon W. Henderson

Assuming I can pull together a radio feed and an open thread while working well into my thirtieth hour of this week, I will open a Spring Training thread and we can all attempt some Spring Training play-by-play this afternoon, which is actually pretty hilarious. I make no apologies for spelling errors and putting players into Bugs-Bunny-like positions in the field and on the bases. I swear, it feels like a lifetime ago that baseball ended, and I can't WAIT to have it back. Even tune-up, fake, Spring baseball. It's BASEBALL!

The A's have already posted that Jesse Chavez is starting the game, but obviously, everyone is concerned with his catcher, who is slated to be John Jaso, who hasn't started a game since mid-summer.

The A's were kind enough to post their lineup early. Here it is; the first lineup of 2014!

Here's the Giants: