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How to vote for Eric Sogard, Face of Bay Area Baseball

The results are in, and our elf is on to the semifinals after defeating Buster Posey in a very objective and meaningful election. He will face Toronto's Jose Bautista next.

He's holding a bat, so you know he's a baseball player.
He's holding a bat, so you know he's a baseball player.
Christian Petersen

As you probably know, Major League Baseball is doing a silly contest on Twitter whereby fans vote for the Face of MLB. Every fanbase had to pick one player to represent their team, and every group picked its team's best or most popular player. Except for A's fans, who picked their miniature platoon second baseman because this is what happens when you have fan votes on the internet.

Naturally, with a boring contest and exactly one ridiculous option, the country has rallied behind #nerdpower and has voted him all the way to the semifinals. Yesterday, he out-polled Buster Posey by a margin of 55-45. I'd love to say that it was purely A's fans who did this, but c'mon. Giants fans are an internet-voting machine; Brandon Crawford nearly started the All-Star Game last year. We almost certainly got some help on this one.

We'll need even more help next time. (Is it tomorrow? I'm not really sure how this works.) (Update: Voting starts at 6a.m. PT Wednesday and goes all day.) Sogard will face Blue Jays star Jose Bautista and thus all of Canada, which has so much voting power that it even elected its own president (although they call him a "Prime Minister," whatever the hell that is). Every Twitter account can vote up to 25 times, so everyone's gonna need to pitch in.

Bautista is offering to follow the accounts of any fans who vote for him, but we don't need any gimmicks to vote for our guy. Except that his entire candidacy is sort of a gimmick. We only need one gimmick to vote for our guy, and it's cooler than Bautista's gimmick. Either way, I cannot offer you compensation. Only immortality.

If you're looking for ways to spice things up, here is some inspiration for you. Sure, you can just tweet the proper hashtags over and over if you want (#EricSogard and #FaceofMLB), but where's the fun in that? If you're going to make a farce of a process, you may as well do it with some flair.

For more inspiration, check out NOT BUSTER OLNEY, who came up with some real gems. Or, share your favorites in the comments! And remember to vote tomorrow by making 25 tweets which each include the hashtags #EricSogard and #FaceofMLB at any point during the day!

(Author's note: Yes, I recognize the irony of ripping on this contest and then immediately and vigorously promoting it.)