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The Post Before The Post - Happy Super Bowl Sunday

"Supper Bowl???"
"Supper Bowl???"

UPDATE, 12:06pm PST: The Associated Press is reporting that actor Philip Seymour Hoffman has been found dead at the age of 46. The Oscar award-winning actor is known, by A's fans, for playing Art Howe in the movie Moneyball. Our thoughts go out to Hoffman's family. -Nico

I'm going to run my "real" post Tuesday because today is Super Bowl Sunday and I know you aren't here reading this. Wait...Well, anyway, I'm deferring to an event so dull people tune in more for the commercials than for the actual game. Of course there's always the potential for something memorable. Maybe someone's breast will pop out of their attire -- I'm hoping it's Richard Sherman.

Sherman is the sole reason I am rooting for the Denver Broncos today. Sherman's conduct following the interception which ended the 49ers' season, including his post-game interview, was embarrassing not only for the Seahawks and the NFL, but pretty much for all of mankind. I would include womankind, but it's difficult to imagine a woman behaving quite in this way, so perhaps it's a testosterone-based disorder.

Anyhoo, hopefully the cheerleaders will be better than this one.


And remember, today is also the exciting day we wait breathlessly to see if Jerry Blevins casts a shadow. Or something like that. Happy Super Bowl Sunday -- who are you rooting for and why?