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A's Bullpen Gets Potentially More Savery

Jesse Johnson-US PRESSWIRE

I don't know if he tastes like chicken, but the Oakland A's have added left-hander Joe Savery to the bullpen mix, claiming Savery off of waivers from the Philadelphia Phillies. The article suggests Savery has a good chance to make the team out of spring training, which if true is Abad omen for another A's lefty reliever. Savery's career stats can be seen here.

Interesting tidbits noted in the article include that Savery is a former #1 draft pick and that he is "extremely effective against right-handers". (Cynical Sybil asks, "If he's so effective against right-handers, how come the Phillies just exposed him to waivers?")

Am I excited about this addition? Well, I have more hope for it than the addition of another former #1 pick, Philip Humber, whose 7.90 ERA last season was highest amongst big league pitchers who were inexplicably allowed to throw at least 50 IP. Then again, Savery is battling Abad for the "6th reliever spot" so I'm not going to position this as a "game-changer". And both pitchers seem to lend themselves about equally to bad puns, so...let the competition for "the other lefty" begin!