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Ken Korach In Town For Saturday "Holy Toledo" Book Signings

Photo (from an original Bill King painting) comes courtesy of Wellstone Books.
Photo (from an original Bill King painting) comes courtesy of Wellstone Books.

Unless you just climbed out from under Iraq (that's the expression, right?), you probably know that Ken Korach has written a book about his long-time broadcast partner Bill King, and Bill's Hall of Fame (well it was) career broadcasting baseball, basketball, and football in the Bay Area. You may even know that the book is titled Holy Toledo, Lessons From Bill King: Renaissance Man of The Mic.

Like Santa, Ken Korach is coming to town. Unlike Santa, he has no idea if you've been naughty or nice (thank heavens), and to the best of my knowledge Ken is mentally balanced enough to check his list just once like any normal person would do. That's right, folks, Santa Claus clearly suffers from OCD -- but I digress. Ken suffers only from whatever afflictions hit those who sign book after book after book at book signings. I believe that's probably carpal tunnel syndrome, which is similar to Lee Tunnel Syndrome only with better right-handed pitching.

So if you're local, or you're looking for an excuse to come to the East Bay, come have a copy of Holy Toledo signed when Ken appears at "Barnes & Nobles everywhere". And by "everywhere" I mean two of them. Here's the schedule:

Saturday, December 6th, 12:00pm-2:00pm, Barnes & Noble in Dublin

Saturday, December 6th, 4:00pm-6:00pm, Barnes & Noble in Emeryville

Special promotion: Mention AN and get ... well, probably a very quizzical look. Which is also likely if you mention flamingos or Bea Arthur. I recommend that you try all three.