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John Jaso has a "clean bill of health," according to Athletics Asst. GM David Forst. Should he catch?

Cary Edmondson-USA TODAY Sports

In a radio appearance Thursday evening, Oakland Athletics Assistant General Manager David Forst told 95.7 the Game's Troy Clardy, "John Jaso got a clean bill of health the other day and is ready to get back behind the plate."

While it's a relief to hear that Jaso has recovered from the concussion symptoms that prevented him from playing after late August, the discussion of whether Jaso should continue in baseball as a catcher should continue. I got the sense from the interview that Forst was speaking of "ready to get back behind the plate" in the "he's going to give it a try" sense, because his own family is thinking it over.

John's wife Shannon read our article on Jaso last week and put our poll question to her Twitter followers:

What John Jaso does with his baseball career is more than a baseball decision, it's a decision that can affect his family. Shannon Jaso points out that catching has been Jaso's identity as a baseball player, but concussion is something with which one should not mess around.

What must be emphasized is that John Jaso is the only one that should make that decision. The Athletics are set up fine with Stephen Vogt and Derek Norris for Jaso to never play a game behind the plate again.