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Free Pat Venditte!

Alex Hall goes on the Phil Naessens Show and talks about the Billy Butler signing as well as the Athletics signing ambidextrous pitcher Pat Venditte.

Ronald Martinez/Getty Images

Hey Athletics Nation!

As I’m sure you are aware the Athletics signed former Kansas City 1B/DH Billy Butler to a three year thirty million dollar contract. Alex and I discussed it on my show today.

Considering the Athletics had a hard time hitting lefties this is a good early signing.

Both Alex and I were more intrigued today by the Pat Venditte signing than the Butler signing. We both think Billy Beane should give him his shot in the Show this coming spring.

Of course he’ll need to prove himself this coming spring and of course he’ll need to do well but if he does than he deserves a shot in the Show.

After last seasons meltdown I think Athletics fans deserve a feel good story and the ambidextrous kid might be the closest thing to one A’s fans see next season.

Alex joins me at around the nineteen minute mark. Travis Hrebeniuk and I talked NHL hockey and Jason Walker joined me to talk Fantasy Football. I’ll leave the player below or you can download the program from my site.