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Division Series open thread day 5, Oct. 6

After the Royals and Orioles completed their sweeps, we only have two National League games on Monday.

Rick Osentoski-USA TODAY Sports

While there is at least one Game 4 guaranteed for Tuesday, the Washington Nationals will need to beat the San Francisco Giants in Game 3 this afternoon at AT&T Park to continue their hopes of a Game 4. Coverage of the first game gets underway at 2:00 PM on MLB Network. The Nationals' Doug Fister faces NL Wild Card destroyer Madison Bumgarner of the Giants.

The Los Angeles Dodgers evened the series with a Game 2 victory over the St. Louis Cardinals on Saturday, and Game 3 starts at Busch Stadium at 6:00 PM on Fox Sports 1 tonight. Hyun-Jin Ryu pitches for the boys in blue against the Cardinals' John Lackey.