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Are you angry with Billy Beane?

Alex Hall goes on the Phil Naessens Show and shares his thoughts on what moves need to be made this off season plus Phil asks him if he's angry with Billy Beane for breaking up the A's

Leon Halip

Hey Athletics Nation!

Last night as I was watching the San Francisco Giants celebrate their 3rd World Series appearance in five seasons I couldn't help but think of you guys. It must have sucked watching that bunch from across the Bay achieve what darn near every one of us here thought the Athletics would.

So where do the Athletics go from here?

Alex came on today's show and we talked about what exactly or I should say where exactly Billy Beane needs to begin in order to get this team to where we all thought they would be.

I also asked him if he felt A's fans were pissed off at Billy Beane for making some of the moves he made this past summer. I'd be interested in hearing from you guys if you are ticked off at Beane or not.

I'll leave the player below or you can hit this link and download it from my site. If you have any questions you'd like answered on air please feel free to send them to me at