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OT: Scoreboard Watching

With an off day for the A's, it's time to watch the out of town scoreboard.

Move, Sogie, I can't see the scoreboard!
Move, Sogie, I can't see the scoreboard!
Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

With the A's having a travel day, here are the relevant games tonight:

  • New York Yankees at Baltimore - Both teams are vying for the Wild Card at this point, especially with the Rays struggling. Hopefully that won't matter to us (being the WC team)... or hopefully it will (i.e. winning the AL)
  • Angels at Twins - Yeah, both teams suck, but we're about to play the Twins, so it makes sense to pay attention. Also, if the Angels lose, that's just a bonus.
  • Detroit at Chicago - The White Sox are completely out of it, and the Tigers pretty much have the Central. Still, we're fighting for home field advantage.
  • Pirates at Rangers - The game you've all been waiting for. Go Bucs!