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Game Thread #159: A's at Angels

Four games left.

Tim Heitman-USA TODAY Sports

The division is in the bag. Oakland is two games ahead of Detroit for ALDS home-field advantage, which is really a three-game advantage when you consider that the A's hold the tie-breaker. Oakland is also one game behind Boston for the best record in the AL, which brings with it the chance to play the Wild Card in the ALDS.

Today's game features Dan Straily against Jered Weaver. Here's Oakland's chance to get some reps against a playoff-caliber pitcher, after a steady diet of Twins and Rangers pitching over the last couple of weeks. After missing a bunch of time this year, Weaver's rate stats are pretty much right in line with his career norms, which is a nerdy way of saying that he's having a pretty good season (as usual). On the other hand, the last time that Oakland lost a game that Dan Straily started was August 23. Could be a pitcher's duel, folks.


Let's Go Oakland!