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DLD 9/24/13

Tuesday links.

Bob Stanton-USA TODAY Sports

The Reds will be faced with the difficult task of choosing a starter for the Wild Card game.  It looks like Mat Latos and Johnny Cueto are the most likely candidates.

During the Dodgers' celebration on Thursday, a player reportedly peed in the pool at Chase Field.

How did the Pirates get to the playoffs?  A lot of it stemmed from clever decisions in the front office.

11 players and 3 coaches were asked if they think defensive metrics should factor into the Gold Glove.

Take a look at slegnA reliever Robert Coello's forkball and how it enhances his fastball.

Here's Prince Fielder on a surfboard.

Ned Yost used some interesting managerial tactics during last night's win over the Mariners.

Is major-league defense getting better?  Why?  Grant Brisbee has an article answering that very question.  Among the reasons he lists, I especially agree with the increased strikeout rate, better field conditions and lenient official scorers.

On this day a year ago, the A's held a 4-2 lead but Pat Neshek served up a frisbee to Adrian Beltre and for some reason I will never understand, Bob Melvin put Tyson Ross into a tie game in the bottom of the ninth.

Tonight's starting lineup is out with Yoenis Cespedes as the DH.  He could return to playing the outfield by the end of the week.