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Game Thread #157: Oakland Athletics at Los Angeles Angels

Welcome to the final games of the year, where it matters in the sense of, "OMG do we have to play Detroit again?! Can't we play someone else?!" and "Why do we keep having to play on the road!? Why is the Coliseum empty tonight?!? Can't we make more money on home games!?", but not in the sense of "How can the A's not make the playoffs?", 'cause you know what? The 2013 Oakland Athletics won the American League West, and no matter what, no matter where, they are going to the playoffs.


Happy Monday, and welcome to another night of Oakland A's baseball, as we count down the days to October. It's nice, isn't it? This feels a little bit okay for a week, to tune up our playoff team, trying to win, but actually being able to take a look into the future for once. The A's are in Anaheim tonight, kicking off a three-game series against the Angels, who have been playing some good ball of their own lately. Most predictions saw the Angels in the mix for the Division this year, and they will likely be in the conversation again next year, so consider this your 2014 preview of what could be a good team, and the player who will probably be the best in the league next year, if he's not now.

The A's are starting Tommy Milone in tonight's game; his playoff future unsure, so it is definitely to his advantage to be a rock star tonight. The A's are smartly resting their pitchers an extra day, so Milone is filling today's spot. The A's will be facing Garrett Richards, who has been quite good lately. The Angels are fighting for a .500 season, so they will be playing for next year, and also a strong finish to this season.

The A's lineup looks pretty normal tonight, minus Yoenis Cespedes. Keep in mind, if the A's win tonight, they are only a single game back of Boston for the best record in the American League.

Here are your lineups: