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Game Thread #156: A's vs. Twins

Thearon W. Henderson

"Sonny Gray...sweeping the clouds away..." He did, apparently, because it's a gorgeous day in Oakland following yesterday's 121 minute rain-delayed 8-1 A's win. Oakland has two avenues to clinch the AL West today. Texas has a head start and will likely post a final score during the A's game, and if the Rangers lose the division race is officially over. An A's win, of course, accomplishes the same thing.

Gray takes the mound against RHP Cole DeVries, whose 7.88 ERA comes from two starts (8 IP, 7 ER) -- one of which resulted in an A's 18-3 win. Oakland is not just playing to clinch the AL West, as they start play today just 1 game up on Detroit for "2nd best record" and only 1.5 back of Boston for "best record". This has great implications for whom the A's play, and who has home field advantage, in the ALDS. That is, assuming the A's get there and don't fall short by losing "7 straight plus a one-game playoff" with the one-game playoff being the Rangers' 10th consecutive win.

Today's starting lineups: