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Game Thread #155: A's vs Twins

The rain delay is over. It's baseball time.

You did this to us, Josh Donaldson.
You did this to us, Josh Donaldson.
Thearon W. Henderson

Put on your game faces, Athletics Nation. The two-hour rain delay is over, and it's time to focus up.

The A's look for their third straight victory over the Twins today, with Jarrod Parker facing Pedro Hernandez. Parker is hoping to rebound from the disaster that was his last start, in which he gave up eight runs (seven earned) in 4⅓ innings the day after being scratched due to illness. It's cool, hanging out in a poop-filled dugout probably cleared that illness right up.

Hernandez is a pitcher. For the Twins. He's left-handed, I think, based on the A's lineup. Yep, I just checked, and he's definitely left-handed. He's probably a really nice guy, or, maybe he's not. Impossible to know from here. He has a 5.26 ERA in 53 major league innings this season, which, in retrospect, I should have mentioned earlier in this paragraph.

Aaaaand since NOBODY CALLED ME TO TELL ME THAT THE GAME HAD STARTED WHILE I WAS IN THE KITCHEN it's already the bottom of the 1st. The score is, shockingly, 0-0.


...except not really, because Coco is sitting and Young is leading off and playing center and Choice is hitting 8th and playing left and Suzuki and Reddick are moved up a spot.


Let's Go Oakland!