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Game Thread #154: Oakland Athletics vs. Minnesota Twins

With the A's magic number at 4, they will try to take the second game of the series from the Twins tonight, behind the arm of Bartolo Colon. He will be facing off against Andrew Albers. Anyone?


Happy Friday, and welcome to the Game Thread! I'll be your host for tonight's festivities, as we watch the Rangers' game intently (currently tied 1-1 in the fifth), while rooting home the green and gold. The A's magic number can remain at 4, drop to 3, or even as low as 2. What do you think?

Bartolo Colon will take the mound tonight, coming off a terrific start that locked in his 16th win. He will be matched up against Andrew Albers as he goes for his 17th. The A's need to continue making progress on their magic number, while setting up the starters for the post-season, and figuring out what they have in the bullpen. Cespedes is in the lineup tonight, so are Barton, Norris and Young.

Here are your lineups: