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Rios To Rangers, Rosy To Roakland, Gray To Slay Jays Saturday

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"His name is Rios and he dances on the sand..." -Duran Duran
"His name is Rios and he dances on the sand..." -Duran Duran
Rick Osentoski-USA TODAY Sports

As Jerry Seinfeld astutely points out to the lady at a car rental agency, anyone can take a reservation. The key is in holding the reservation. The Texas Rangers proved to be perfectly adept at reserving Adam Rosales, but they were not so good at keeping Adam Rosales.

So Rosy is back with the A's, Evan Scribner back to AAA after contributing to the A's pretty much exactly as Rosales contributed to the Rangers. Sonny Gray will be called up Saturday to make his first big league start and someone will have to give Gray his roster spot. Hmm...

Meanwhile, having carelessly lost Rosales but in need of a RH bat -- specially a RFer who can actually hit -- Texas has acquired Alex Rios in exchange for a player to be named later and/or cash. That player is not thought to be Rosales, because the Rios trade narrowly missed the window of Rosales' one-day career as a Texas Ranger.

Of course, Rosales' career with the A's, at least this time around, could also be only one day since someone has to be removed from the 25-man roster to make room for Sonny Gray. Ah, life as a utility infielder.

Will Alex Rios be enough of a "difference maker" in a "virtually tied with 49 to play" fight for the AL West? If so, for whom will he make the difference? Do the A's have something up their sleeve to improve the team in the next days? Or is Gray that move? Will Burt realize that the person he sees in the mirror is not him, but rather is actually his alien twin? These questions and more will be answered on the next episode of...Soap.

Discuss. Or don't. It's a free country.