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Friday Podcast & Links: Biogensis and the A's

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Alex Hall goes on the Phil Naessens Show to talk A's baseball. Also, a Daily Link Dump.

I've got a settlement for you: I'll give you the finger, and you don't suspend me for double jeopardy.
I've got a settlement for you: I'll give you the finger, and you don't suspend me for double jeopardy.
Joe Robbins

Good morning, Athletics Nation! The A's are in a slump, but this too shall pass. Oakland is about to play seven games against last place teams, so if they're ever going to bust out of it then this is the time.

On today's Phil Naessens Show, we discuss the Biogensis scandal because it's the biggest story in sports right now and you can't escape it. We also take a look at the post-Nelson-Cruz Texas Rangers and the slumping Oakland A's. Listen to the show right here on AN by using the media player embedded below; I'm leading off, so just press play and enjoy my 26-minute segment.

Give it a listen and leave your feedback in the comments!

...And now, Torrey's Taco Stand, aka the Daily Link Dump (it's actually Alex's Taco Stand today):

- The Texas Rangers have acquired Alex Rios in what was essentially a salary dump, thus replacing the Nelson Cruz sized hole in their lineup. That's the kind of thing that you can do when you're a big market team, and this is the kind of Davey-and-Goliath disadvantage that the A's have to overcome year in and year out. The White Sox have now hooked up all of the other AL heavyweights: Texas (Rios), Boston (Peavy), and Detroit (indirectly, since they got Iglesias from Boston in the Peavy deal). Add in the Cubs sending Matt Garza to Texas, and the city of Chicago is kind of on my shit list right now. STOP HELPING THE RANGERS PLEASE KTHXBAI!

- Jane Lee reports what we were all hoping to hear: Sonny Gray will make his first Major League start on Saturday in Toronto. I went over this in the podcast, but this is great news. We've been talking about him all year, and some have been calling for Gray for months, but this is exactly the right time to debut him in the rotation. Get excited!

- Evan Scribner has been optioned to AAA, and Adam Rosales is back on the 25-man roster. Y'all can complain all you want, but I'm happy!

- With that being said, though, Rosey could be right back out the door tomorrow to make room for Gray. I don't have a link for this one, but it seems to me that he's here to give Alberto Callaspo an extra day of rest for his bruised arm. Oakland faces a righty today and a lefty tomorrow, so this is a great way to hide Callaspo for another day. Either Rosey gets DFA'd again tomorrow, or Callaspo hits the DL.

Dump away!