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Game Thread #113: Oakland Athletics at Cincinnati Reds

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The A's have now squandered nearly their entire 6 game lead; the Rangers are hot on their heels just one game back. The A's have been mired in a month-long offensive slump, and will go out there again today to try to win a game. Just one.

Stephen Dunn

Good morning, and welcome to early A's baseball! I'm sorry this team hasn't been more fun to watch lately, but let's see if they can't turn it around today. Bartolo Colon will take the mound for the A's this morning, and will be opposed by Homer Bailey.


Colon (14-3, 2.50 ERA) has thrown 15 consecutive quality starts, the longest such streak by an A's pitcher since 1916. During that time, he's 11-1 with a 1.69 ERA.

The A's still refuse to play Derek Norris; instead opting for Vogt at Catcher. Eric Sogard will have the day off, after his debacle at the plate last night; Callaspo and Lowrie will field up the middle. Now that Grant Green has two hits for the Angels, let's see if Callaspo can finally start hitting for the A's. Colon will bat in the ninth slot; the A's can ill-afford to waste another spot in the lineup, but that's NL ball for you.

Everyone, let's do this! Put all of your energy into the offense right now, and hopefully that will wake up the bats.


Here are your lineups: