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DLD 8/6/13: Humid Edition

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Links before a two-game set at GABP.

Cary Edmondson-USA TODAY Sports

Don't be surprised if we experience rain delays during this series.

Tomorrow's game is going to be amazing because we get to see more of this.

Grant Green is back in the big leagues.

The Giants have added another former A's pitcher, this time in the form of Ted Lilly. I predict they'll try to add Graham Godfrey next.

If you didn't like Magglio Ordonez before, he's now running for mayor of a town in Venezuela with Hugo Chavez's party. DISCLAIMER: The views expressed in this DLD have absolutely nothing to do with the political views of the rest of the AN team. Political discussions are largely frowned on here. It just seemed right to include this baseball-related news in the DLD.

John Axford did this last night. If small GIFs don't do it for you, here it is in video form. Here's the video on its own. An inning later, this pitch was called a strike. Pitch Tracker was completely accurate. This is not a drill.

In case you were yet to find out, most bunts are stupid. Unless it's against Matt Garza.

Baseball America has good things to say about Bartolo Colon, Josh Reddick and Bob Melvin. With that in mind, I feel that their manager rankings are absolute garbage.

How much do the Biogenesis suspensions matter in these pennant races? Not a heck of a lot.

On this day a year ago, Jered Weaver did exactly what Jered Weaver does when he faces the A's.

Today's starting lineup is out, and with the lack of a DH spot, Seth Smith is not in the lineup.