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Game Thread #111: Oakland Athletics vs. Texas Rangers

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I'm not going to stress the importance of a single game in early August, but if I was going to do that, today would probably be the game. After the A's snapped the Rangers' win streak last night and put another game of distance between the two clubs, they have a chance for a series win today that would put the momentum squarely on the side of the A's. In early August, mind you.

Thearon W. Henderson

Happy Sunday and welcome to another day of A's baseball! Today is the last time the A's face off against the Rangers until September, so they'd like to make the game count, and extend their lead in the AL West.

Today's game will feature A.J. Griffin against Derek Holland, in the continuing battle of the AL West. Let's hope that the Rangers can stay Twitter-free from controversy today, after last night's brouhaha.

Here's a fun quote from this morning:

Washington said the A's have an advantage over the Rangers because of the weather. "I was here for 11 years. The weather here is refreshing," Washington said Saturday. "I'd like to see them play in 100-degree heat and 90 percent humidity for two months. All you have to worry about here is blue skies and the sun in your face. It's great. The weather here refreshes you and energizes you."

I personally enjoy the Oakland sun.

Here are your lineups for the A's: