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Athletics Nation September Meetup!

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We hang out online every day. Let's go to a game.


Greetings, Athletics Nation! I'm gonna cut right to the chase here. It's time for an AN meetup.

We have the best fan community of any SB Nation blog, and perhaps of any individual-team-based website anywhere. Let's take that online community and get it together in real life for a day.

Here's what I'm thinking. We pick a Sunday game in September, and we all go to the ballpark together, complete with the pre-game tailgate and a rousing game of Pin The Tail On The Nico. If we get enough people to commit (25+), we could even go for a group package and get a better deal on tickets.

I've looked at the schedule, and there are three Sunday games in September (all 1pm start times):

Sept 1 vs Rays
Sept 8 vs Astros
Sept 22 vs Twins

If you're interested in attending such a meetup, then leave a comment expressing your interest. Make sure to include which of those dates you would be able to attend, and which of the dates would be your #1 preference (if any). Lurkers, I'm looking at you too. This is the time to sign up for an account, join in on the fun, and come out to a game with us. SoCal folks, this is plenty of advance notice for you to plan a trip up here and take part. If you live in Europe, you're excused (but totally invited!).

The call has been made, Athletics Nation. Who among you will answer it?