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Game Thread #134: Oakland Athletics vs. Tampa Bay Rays

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Welcome to the Wild Card month of playoffs as the A's try to overtake Tampa Bay in the Wild Card Race, en route to taking on Texas for the Division lead! Tonight's pitching match-up is sure not to disappoint, as Jarrod Parker is pitted against David Price in an ace battle that the A's would like to win.

Good evening, and Happy Friday of Labor Day weekend! Are you ready for more playoff-atmosphere Oakland Athletics baseball? Hopefully the crowd at is roaring tonight as the A's face off against the Tampa Bay Rays, for a Wild Card deciding match-up, right before the A's take on the Rangers in a battle of the West.

Tonight's match-up will pit Jarrod Parker against David Price, so you have to figure this game will be low-scoring and probably fast, unless the A's can continue the trend of "beat up ace pitching staffs" that they started in Detroit. Speaking of Detroit, did you hear that the A's took 3 out of 4 from the Tigers? Let's never speak of it again. Let's talk about the time where the A's won the opening game of the Rays' series against David Price with this lineup: