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Game Thread #133: A's at Tigers

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Going for the sweep!

Kelley L Cox-USA TODAY Sports

Good morning, Athletics Nation! In today's early early early edition of A's baseball, Oakland needs a win to secure a series spli...wait, what? They won the first three games? They're going for a sweep? On the road in freakin' Detroit? Well, I'll be.

The A's better hope that they brought all of their Elf Magic and Mossome-ness and Potencia and Rainmaking today, though, because they have to go through Cy Young frontrunner Max Scherzer if they want to win this final game. Scherzer has basically been the perfect pitcher this year - he's striking out a ton of batters while walking very few and giving up no hits or homers. There's not a whole lot else a pitcher can do except sweep up the dugout after the game. In his last start, he threw six shutout innings and struck out 11 Mets, which is the equivalent of about eight regular players (still impressive).

Then again, the A's did just beat Anibal Sanchez (AL ERA leader), Justin Verlander (recent Cy Young) and Doug Fister (hilarious name), so I mean, what's one more frontline starter? Oakland will counter with Bartolo Colon, who was activated from the DL today at the expense of Evan Scribner. Colon missed a couple of starts due to a groin strain which he sustained while performing pelvic thrusts in the general direction of a stack of In-N-Out burgers. He'd been kind of crappy for a few straight starts immediately before the injury, so it's probably not the worst thing in the world that his arm got a short rest.


Callaspo 5th? Sure, why not! Everything else is working right now.

Go A's!